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Edward Ben Avram
Limited Editions

Edward Ben Avram
Edward Ben Avram uses much symbolism in his compositions - with doves, the Menorah, Shabbat candles or an inscription - all linked around a focal theme. His compositions are intense and full of details, creating a feeling of movement and celebration. Seascapes of Jaffa and Acre have a minimal regard for Nature's Laws. They convey the rhythm of a Mediterranean seacoast, with its unique sunlight and the local scale of colors. Themes of religious festivals and Bible stories are fabulous confections - bright with color, warmth and Ben Avram’s own magic.

Born in Bombay, India in 1937, Ben Avram immigrated to Israel and studied at the ‘Bezal’el School of Art’. He fell in love with Jerusalem and took up residence in the Old City, where he paints the arched alleyways and steep narrow streets, and the spires of the ancient walls. His lively oils and watercolors are permeated with the city’s unique spirit, and his images seem to be in a constant dance. He uses creamy sensual tones, reminiscent of the Judea desert mountain ranges, seen from his residence.

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